Welcome and Introduction

Thank you so much for making this incredibly important decision to invest in your pregnancy and birth. You will not regret investing in your education and knowledge, so you feel more confident and well-equipped as your due-date nears.

I am excited to journey with you in this adventure! I absolutely love all things birth, and I hope we can have some fun together.

Having a baby is not what you see on TV. Your birth experience can be as enjoyable as you like!

I want to encourage you to not let the fear and “what-if” narrative hold you back. The more you can build your confidence by preparing for birth, the more you decrease fear & anxiety surrounding labor. When we boost a mamas confidence, decrease her level of anxiety, her labor is shorter & less painful! Hooray, that sounds pretty good if you ask me!

All women have the innate ability to birth their babies. You ALREADY have all you need. It is within you. I just get to remind you how strong you are. I’m so excited to help you build trust in yourself.


  • We purposefully left music out of the course (aside from the Welcome clip). You can choose to set your own mood at home by choosing some relaxing background music to have playing that you will enjoy. I’ve created a spotify playlist for you to use while you learn! It’s the same playlist I use for my clients in labor. I think you’re going to love it! Find it here: (My Spotify Labor Playlist).
  • Stretchy pants are prefered! Get as comfortable as possible. Grab some snacks, a birth ball (aka a yoga ball with a pregnant person on it) if you have one, drink plenty of water, and have fun!
  • We wanted to create an experience that is both realistic, and informative. We mix in some segments filmed during a live private class, as well as some studio segments. The live sessions weren’t completely controlled for filming purposes for the sake of our couple, so please forgive any brevity and hiccups :)
  • This course is designed for you to follow along with this HANDOUT. We have left plenty of space for notes, filled in some of the important information for you, and inserted plenty of images and diagrams. Please feel free to use your own journal for note-taking if you prefer! This handout is lengthy. If you don’t have a printer accessible, you can order a paper copy on my website www.alisemarsh.com

We strongly encourage you watch this course with your birth partner. Whomever you plan to have with you during your birth will greatly benefit from watching this course with you. In fact, the human brain will likely recall about 3% of this information while in labor. So it is incredibly important to take notes, and for your birth partner to engage and retain the information. They will be able to recall much of this information during labor.

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